First News Article for Testing

During the TESDA - JITCO STTP,  Racdaes  Foundation, Inc.  as a  Sending Organization duly accredited by Tesda, sent  trainees and interns to Japan.  These trainees/interns were either skilled workers with National Certification from Tesda or semi-skilled,  pre-qualified, interviewed and hired by  Japanese employers for a minimum contract period of ONE(1) year and a maximum period of THREE(3) years, after which they have to go back to the Philippines and apply their newly acquired skills and technology to their respective sending companies or try their wares in the market of entrepreneurs.

In the year 2010 May, the TESDA - JITCO STTP was temporarily put on hold to give way to the transition to the POEA - JITCO TITP which started on June 2010.  This gave way to the Internship Program now under the jurisdiction and control of POEA in the Philippines and JITCO in Japan.  

As this developed, Racdaes Foundation, Inc.  was transformed into a Japanese Language Training Center, no longer classified as a Sending Organization but accredited by TESDA only as a Japanese Language Training School, designed to teach the Japanese language to hired interns before they are dispatched to Japan.

This transition gave birth to RICHELLE MANPOWER AGENCY, CO. , a sister company of RACDAES JAPANESE LANGUAGE TRAINING CENTER, INC.,  duly licensed by POEA to send Interns and Overseas Contract Workers not only to Japan but anywhere in the world where Filipino manpower is needed or in demand.