About Racdaes Japanese Language Training Center Inc.

Duly registered Japanese Lecture House tasked to teach Japanese Language, Culture, Ethics and Values before Interns dispatch to Japan.

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Upon completion of the Internship Program, participants are able to:

  • Familiarize the physical and cultural aspects of
  • Japan particularly their land, people use Japanese Language in conducting cimple conversation in the host country
  • Understand writing conditions, policies, standard and regulations of the host country.
  • Practice to learn the Japanese Etiquette
  • Adapt the way of life of the host country
  • Develop positive attitude and self-discipline as a tool to promote good relationship towards the host country
  • Learn the proper attitude and work values for satisfactory performance and language



  • In coordination with the proper government agencies and authorities, Racdaes Japanese Language Training Center, Inc. is committed to represent and coordinate the Internship requirements of private business in specific industry sectors of specific internship from Japanese Enterprises to train and prepare Interns with regards to Japanese Language, Culture , Work Ethics and Values. In order to insure the success of their Internship program.

    Preperatory Programs after selection of Interns

    Title of ProgramNumber of
    Nihongo Language Training650 hours
    Work Ethics and Values100 hours
    Japanese Cross Culture25 hours
    Pre-departure Briefing

    25 hours


Our Location

Find the Learning Center in the map below.

72-B Andres Abellana Ext.

Barangay Guadalupe, Cebu City
6000  Philippines
+63 32 255 2994
+63 32 253 6016